Your trustworthy pcb + assembly partner

Linked Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in the year of 2001 in Shenzhen of China as a HighTec printed circuit board manufacturer.

Linked Electronics Co., Ltd dedicates to fulfill from quick turn prototype to medium volume pcb / pcb assembly demand.

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  • Rigid PCB

    FR-4 is the most commom used material for printed circuit board. We can do from single layer to 30 layers. TG170, FR4+Aluminum lamination.

  • Aluminum PCB

    Aluminum pcb is widely used in LED lights. With high quality white soldermask, it is one of our best-sellers, espcially Bergquist material.

  • High-frequency PCB

    We have many years of manufacturing experience in Rogers 4003C and 4350B material high-frequency PCB.

  • PCB Assembly

    By working with our PCBA partner, we can provide PCB/Cable Assembly service as an one-stop electronics manufacturer.